Sales / Project Manager / Client Liaison
Languages: Spanish, English

A man with a great personality. He usually can be found in his own world.

(713) 858-8058

Eric is a designer turned developer turned account rep, and soon to be partner at Sneaker. He loves people, burritos, and Full Throttle energy drinks. Weighing in at 180lbs and hailing from Costa Rica and also having lived in the Dominican Republic he brings an extra international flavor to this band of outlaws. His ambitions are simply to change the world. A modern-day freedom fighter with tricks up his sleeve like you can't imagine.

I bet in the time it took you to read this bio he already came up with 5 new ideas of how to see your business succeed. He graduated from the Art Institute back in 2002 and has been working in the creative field ever since.

A starving artist at heart but a super proud dad of 3.

No contaron con mi estucia. - RIP Chespirito