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Client Site Launch: GL Resume

First off, we want to say congratulations to the GL Resume team for having their site launch today! GL Resume is set to revolutionize the way job seekers connect with offshore drilling companies around the world. High-five to everyone involved!

View the site in all its majesty here:

GL Resume is an easy way to find employment, or staff your company. The goal for GL Resume is to connect job-seekers to employers and vice versa, in a streamlined manner, for a plethora of positions in the oil & gas industry.

The GL Resume team is committed to provide their clients with the highest quality services including integrated technical and business solutions, timely project execution and a network of highly experienced industry professionals. The GL Resume offices are continuously recruiting industry professionals and skilled personnel.

With GL Resume you get instant access to thousands of companies and candidates worldwide. Their search system is effective and efficient – you get what are you looking for. Thousands of candidates are already interviewed and categorized as per specific industry job requirements by their account managers.

How to get started

GL Resume is simple. You register for an account if you’re looking for employment in the oil & gas industry, and then you’re able to add your resume and professional information to their database. Companies are able to search by certain criteria, and if you’re a fit then your resume will be reviewed and you’ll be contacted.

Some of the top oil & gas companies hiring from GL Resume:

  • Transocean
  • Pacific Drilling
  • Seadrill
  • Nabors
  • Songa Offshore

Some of the many positions these companies are hiring for:

  • Engineers, Drilling & Petroleum
  • Manaagers, Rig, Area, Superintendents, OIM
  • Toolpusher
  • Sub Sea Enginner
  • Pump man, Derrickman
  • Floor man, Roustabout

What Sneaker did for GL Resume

GL Resume | Find employment

Offshore drilling rig job placement

We used our 3-Step Process to discover, design, and develop GL Resume’s brand from the ground up.

Starting with just their logo, we were able to build an online presence and put them in front of thousands of job-seekers. These job-seekers are now in front of some of the leaders in the offshore oil & gas industry, who are actively seeking candidates that fit their criteria for certain positions.

This entire SaaS project was tailor-made by understanding what exactly was needed from the standpoint of potential candidates looking for work and also form the standpoint of how employers at oil rigs want to view all the information of a job applicant. Trying to land a job on an offshore oil rig isn’t the same as trying to land a job in corporate America.

Our design was user focused in order to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use. Many of these kind of resumes sites can get so complicated so quickly so we got really in tune with the details to make this as user-friendly as possible.

The development was done using the Laravel on a LAMP stack which we host. We had an entire team of developers dedicated to this project and they executed it with precision based on the specifications and documentation that we wrote out. Making projects like these is a lot of detailed work since every possible option must be defined and every loop closed. The security alone with all the resume information was a top priority for the dev team.

So, hats off to the GL Resume team and we wish you the best. We are looking forward to jumping in with all the SEO efforts and the possible mobile app.

Think you have a great web or mobile app idea? Let us know and we can help you make it happen.

Bobby Breaux
Bobby Breaux
Bobby is a guitarist and surfer at heart though his day job is running projects at Sneaker and keeping the company moving forward.

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