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Online Placement

Sneaker Interactive is an SEO company in Clear Lake, Texas

ONLINE PLACEMENT Defined: To strategically make your brand known online and control the way users find your company during online searches especially as it relates to location.

Going to college doesn’t guarantee you a job. Driving a racecar doesn’t make you Mario Andrade. Having the greatest collaterals in the world doesn’t mean you will get found online …..but it’s a start.

Billions of searches are done through the search engines at any given moment. More than likely people are searching for whatever product or service it is you sell. There is business out there for everyone to have but it goes to the one who is not only willing to innovate what they sell but also how they allow their customers to find them.

Gone are the days of yellow pages ads and today is the day for content marketing online. Here are some of the services we offer in this area:

Strategy Creation

Every aspect of marketing starts with creating a strategy and then allowing everything the marketing team does, to fall into that strategy. The strategy allows you to know who the client market is and it dictates how to access that market. Not many people want to invest into their strategy but it’s the companies who strategize who succeed. That doesn’t mean all strategies are good but it’s the first arrow that should be in your quiver.

Search Engine Optimization

Assuming the strategy has been crafted then we can look at the site and start to figure out how to get the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to work. Each page on your site needs to be properly setup to include the keywords you want your site to show up for. The way people are able to leave public reviews all over the web, protecting your online reputation is big deal.

When it comes to SEO there is "on-page" SEO and "off-page" SEO. On-page refers to the specific things you do to your website pages themselves in order to rank higher such as title tags, meta tags, alt text and the hierarchy of page content. Off-page SEO refers to items that are not based on your website like funneling traffic from different places on the web to come to your site (aka Backlinks).

Social Media

Who doesn’t love standing on their soap box and saying whatever they want and showing a picture to boot. Social Media has been known to really push the engagement level that brands can have with their clients. Especially for the millennial generation social media is worth more than email or phone calls. We have often tweeted to different companies and got a faster reply from that as opposed to calling them. In today’s world social media has taken a very real part of the marketing landscape. Today it’s mainly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Those may go and others replace them but the idea of every person being able to post online won't go away anytime soon.

Pay Per Click

Also known as PPC is the process of placing ads online in order to gain visitors to your page. All the major sites allow PPC since it’s a great way to market your site and it helps build the validity of platforms. The Google system is called AdWords, the Facebook system is simply called Facebook Ads, but overall the concept is the site.

The process is that you build an ad which links to a page and then you determine how often you want your ad to be shown and to what demographic. These are called “impressions” and you get billed for how many impressions your ad got. We have used PPC in order to see some of our services take off the ground. Your company really is only a click away from your target audience.

Content Writing

Good content writing is no joke. We wrote an entire post about how to get started on writing content for your website. We have a team of content writers all here in Houston who are native English speakers. If you read a paragraph by someone who learned a language as an adult and someone who used it growing up then you can tell the difference even if both are grammatically correct. Good content writing is really about learning how to speak in the language of the people you are trying to reach.

Our team of content writers is also available to help your company understand HOW you want to represent your company online. We have spoken to numerous companies who have grand ideas but need someone to craft the entire thing into text that someone would actually want to read.

SEO also requires that articles be written on your site which is what allows companies like Google to say your site stays current but this can honestly distract you from running your business. We can set up a plan with you to where we can write 2-4 articles per month for your site which is all part of your inbound marketing strategy.

A/B Testing

Did the first ad work better than the second one? Are you better off using this method versus some other method? These are all questions that we ask during our A/B testing. We have used 2 versions of the same ad in certain places and watched how they both performed. This lets you know where to put your marketing dollars. There is so much tracking we can do these days. Everything from Google Analytics to knowing exactly where the mouse is when people visit your site. Why not use all this information to test some ideas and then bite down on the one that is making the greatest impact?